My teaching approach is to provide direction and instruction as a guide for self learning. Everyone will have their personal ambitions or goals and my job is to help navigate in a realistic, supportive course of practice and study. I provide reliable information and a solid, fundamental skill-base from which to develop. My involvement as an instrumentalist performer will help in your own, personal, creative, exploration.

I began teaching at a very early stage of my learning of the guitar and have been involved continuously since then, helping everyone from Primary School children through Graduate Guitar Degree levels. My teaching environments have included music shops, community music schools, private home studio, music conservatory and regional schools both public and private. As a result of these varied, employed positions, I have taught a comprehensive range of students: including Primary School through High School (for SQA qualifications), Trinity/Guildhall and Associated Board exam levels, preparation for Conservatory auditions and Bachelor's and Master's Guitar Performance degrees. I have additionally taught the guitar enthusiast who may have a time limited schedule but enjoys learning and playing.

I offer guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities. If you are interested in guitar lessons with me then I would be keen to discuss the possibilities with you.

Please contact me for further information or booking availability.

07784 585 210


Wealth of experience
High artistic standard
Personalised approach
Expressive results


"I have had Mr Morrison as my teacher for over a year now and he always tells you when you have played well and never criticises when you have not played so well, he just asks you what you could do to improve your play and encourages me to do better. He is very patient and knowledgeable and I really like him. He is the best guitar teacher I have ever had."
(Jacob - Age 10)

"Steve is a brilliant teacher and musician and I feel very lucky to have him as my teacher. I came to steve in 2010, after recently moving into the area and already acheiving Grade 8, looking for someone to help me prepare and study advanced repertoire. Since then, Steve has helped me to improve my technique and also to refine my musicianship to new levels. He has also taught me the courage to play public performances in amateur festivals. Steve is by far the best guitar teacher in the area. Thanks, Steve!"
(Chris Brown)

"I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve, he introduced me to a wide range of classical music which I was able to learn at a comfortable pace. Steve gave me a great grounding in technique and also helped me to understand the theory and history of the music. His enthusiasm for teaching made it enjoyable to learn and I also was inspired by hearing him perform in my lesson and in concert halls."
(Rosie Randall)


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